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Product designed for sports, but also for everyday activities. It ensures freedom of movement and comfort.

Round neck, short sleeves, soft cotton! An excellent value for money!


Product Advantages:

Extensibility: Material that ensures freedom of movement.

Smooth to the touch: 100% cotton material that ensures flexibility and comfort.


Technical Information:

Composion: Main material 100% Cotton. Reworked material 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane

Product for daily activities: A morning workout; An office meeting; A walk at noon; A shopping trip; An outing with family or friends: And you can achieve them all by keeping the same outfit!This is what characterizes our outfit: More activities, same outfit!

Ensure confort: Ensure modern design! Trendy product! Modern design! Design by our team. Range that ensures comfort and a modern design!

Material Weight: Material weight: 150 g/m².




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