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Product for casual practice, mountain hiking. Warm, breathable, eco-designed fleece.

Designed from recycled polyester and ideal to ensure thermal comfort during mountain hikes.

Product Advantages:

Heat: Combed material on the inside and outside (200g/m²). High collar. (3/5)

Freadom of Movement: Stretchable material for optimal comfort. (2/5)

Lightness: Weighs 212g for size L.

Breathability: Allows sweat to escape. Collar with short zipper.

Compaction: The material compresses to be easily carried in a backpack.

Maintanace: It does not wrinkle. To wash automatically. Quick drying.


Technical Information: 

Materials: 100% Polyethylene terephthalate
By recycling plastic sheets to produce polyester, we reduce the use of petroleum resources while maintaining the performance of the material for mountain hiking. The gray model is made from 100% recycled polyester.


The fleece material produce insulation:
The fleece material retains air thanks to the volume created by its texture. Air trapped inside will maintain body temperature through its natural insulating power. Tested in the laboratory, it ensures comfort at temperatures of 7 - 10°C, without a jacket on top.


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